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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine Thought

Have pulled-out the Valentine decorations but wanted to add something new for this year. Heather Bullard has placed some great free downloadable prints on her blog and I used one. The French phrase says "The risk of love is simply love." I added some scrapbooking paper, a cutout heart, a pink (antiqued) frame and some tulle for a hanger.

Thinkin' about Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Small Spaces - Big Uses

So much wasted space between walls of rooms!! What to do with short little walls that have that wasted space behind them......I figured it out. I had DH take out sheet rock and create a plate rack on the short wall leading into our kitchen from the back door.
It can hold cookbooks........
...or it can hold plates. We're in the middle of a kitchen remodel so timing was right to to do it. We used that type of space in a bathroom once and created a medicine cabinet with sliding mirrors and it turned out great too. Be creative with those forgotten spaces!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Back Again!

After a long break from blogging, I've returned. My summer was a difficult one as I lost my mother and spent the summer spending alot of my time caring for her during her last days.

Once you're out of the habit of blogging, it's very easy to just "not do it". I've missed doing it. I do have to say though that I continued to check out all the other blogs out there.
It's winter here in Kansas. We had our first big snow here today. We have accumulated 4 inches of snow. It has stopped but the cold will continue.
I find it hard to put all the Christmas decorations away completely so I usually don't and use "snow" for my theme. The mantle received the "tree" treatment along with some snow. It's been kind of fun to search out trees on clearance tables as well as pulling trees out from my Christmas decorations.

Enjoy pics of our Kansas snow and be glad you're not experiencing the temperatures! Glad to be back!