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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Brett's New Kitchen

We spent this weekend helping our son in Leavenworth, Ks; with the remodel of his kitchen. This trip his dad helped him lay a new floor. Brett and his dad have been working on this kitchen for quite a while. They redid the walls, refinished cabinets; put in new countertop; put up new trim; and put in the floor. I was a "go-fer" and a cheerleader - and I did a little weed-pulling to help the boy out this trip. Brett is a multi-talented - can do electrical, plumbing, and good carpentry. He took lessons from his dad, I think. It is really looking good. Brett still has some trim work to do on his own - but it's a "wow" improvement. Brett's decorating with the multi-national beer bottles is a "bachelor's choice" of decorating, I say! The picture tends to give everything a pink cast but it really should be more of a tan color. Pink would not be this man's choice!!

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cindee said...

great job!!! It is so fun to all work together to get it accomplished!!!!!