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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Every year for the last 27 years a group of our friends get together to have a Progressive Dinner. This year was no different. We always select a theme and this year it was "A Woodland Christmas". Decorations followed that theme as well. Our menu consisted of pheasant and venison and they were delicious.

The dishes even followed our theme. Between us we often have enough place settings, chargers, dishes, silver, etc. to have beautiful tables. Our hostess' tree even followed our theme. Her husband is a hunter and so that was our source for our meat and all the pheasant feathers you see.

Our dessert was a Yule Log. Notice the small plate next to it - egg white mushrooms! Don't we have some creative people? It was alot of fun to plan and participate in. Good times with great friends!


CiNdEe said...

Happy New Year!!!! I hope all is well there!!!

Brighid said...

Beautiful pics, so much talent. I have a friend that did a pheasant tree, it was beautiful.

Dorene said...

I love the whole woodland idea. I might use that when my family comes in February to celebrate christmas.