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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Christmas is Coming!

Every year in October the Ladies get together to plan our annual Christmas Progressive Dinner. This is our 26th year of doing that. Our theme choice is "A Southern Christmas With Paula Deen". Our menu is planned from Paula Deen's recipes. Our gift exchange will be Paula Deen cookies (made from her recipes). The men should like that exchange! Our group has changed a little over the 25 years with people moving and other life happenings but it's basically the same group. It started from a Sunday School Class way back in the 80's. We always have a theme that guides our decorating, food, and presentation. Our themes have varied: French Christmas, Oriental Christmas, Rock 'n Roll Christmas, Starry-Starry Night Christmas, a Child's Christmas, and so forth. We always have fun. There have been temptations to just go to a restaurant and eat but we all enjoy the planning, the preparation, and we've never had a bad time on the actual date. We are all very close friends and events like this keep us close. We should go out of our way and make events special for each other and this event is that. You have to invest yourself in relationships/friendships. You get out of them what you put into them. I'll be posting pics of the event - meanwhile we peruse Paula Deen publications! Merry Christmas, Paula!


Grandma Faith said...

I think it is so great that you and your friends plan special get-togethers. My group is pretty impromptu. I bet, if I talked it up, I might get them ...oh, well, probably not.

Grandma Faith said...

Which is not to say the girls don't plan. We do plan trips together, but once we get somewhere, we're most likely flying by the seat of our pants. Take care, Faith

Nanna said...

sounds like you have lots of fun, all of us ladies of my church do things like this too, nothing liek good fun & fellowship with great friends