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Monday, January 5, 2009

New Sunroom

A two-month process is basically finished. We wanted to add a sunroom onto the back of our house using the upper deck to make a room that would be useful for most of the year. We also wanted to enclose the lower walkout and use it for more greenhouse space (our little greenhouse that is part of our shed is just crammed with too many plants and I had to let too many die this year for lack of space). We still have some "unfinished business" for the contractors to come back and correct but it is basically finished. The above picture is what it looks like from the back of our house.
This is on the upper level looking out to the backyard - you see the pergola on the left and the shed in the center. I'm lovin' all the glass (I know I won't love the cleanin' of the glass though). It is winter in Kansas so we have no green to look out and see - but, just wait until spring, summer, and fall - there will be a "show".

This is in one corner of the sunroom. I should put this set on "Trash to Treasure". I bought this wicker set for $90 at a garage sale - it was solid and needed painting. All this space needs now is decor and plants. When it turns a little warmer we can move some plants up here to add "green".
This is a close-up of the walk-out part below which I will be using shortly for placing plants and doing some seed-planting for the coming spring. When I get more done inside, I'll show you this workspace - it's large and will be so nice!


Pat said...

WOW Pammiejo! Your sunroom is gorgeous! What a nice addition to your lovely home -- and such a great place to read or do someday dreaming. Enjoy it!

Hugs, Pat

Tootsie said...

awesome! my favorite room is the sunroom we made out of our deck! couldn't ever go back and live without it!