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Monday, June 1, 2009

Derby Garden Tour

Our suburban town of Derby, Kansas, sponsored its 3rd annual garden tour this weekend. Our little town has some great gardens. Today I'm sharing one that belongs to an outstanding gardener who works very hard in his yard. He's used hardscape as well as a wide variety of plants in his garden. The above mosaic is his creation he completed over the last winter - you see this just as you enter his yard.
He has a swimming pool which has been converted to a pond. It's easy to forget that is was ever a pool. You see towering Blue Spruce and all varieties of plants in this yard. He also raises Koi and has large, beautiful fish in his pond. It's hard to believe you're in central Kansas while looking and appreciating this landscape.

Bill paints alot of his hardscape every year and changes the color as well. Orange is the color this year. I appreciate almost as much the hardscape in a yard/garden as I do the plantings. More to come of other yards on the Derby Garden Tour.

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CiNdEe said...

The garden looks wonderful. I bet the pond is really cool in person too!(-: Looks like you had a great time!!!