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Monday, May 18, 2009

Resilient Succulents for Cactus Monday

It's amazing to me how a species wants to survive. This poor cactus (sorry I don't know the name) was knocked over and half of it was broken off. I could have cried - but I didn't. I sat it back up and took care of it, like usual. Now a year later it has sent out new shoots all over the place.
Moving my 8 year old jade to a new place had tragedy strike. It too fell over and broke some major branches but here 4 months later are the new shoots replacing the branches. Sorry for this particular blurry picture.
It will look good once again as it gets rejuvanated. "I will survive!"
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Dee said...

I think that is part of why I love cacti and succulants so much- they are generally so forgiving of my ineptness in caring for them. I had several cacti in pots break recently when my son got to close to the new table of pots I put by the carport- with his car! I scooped them all up and will hope for the best!

Teri C said...

I guess if you live in the desert you learn to be a survivor. I thnk the biggest problem people have with cactus is overwatering them. Love your 'survivor'.

I have a jade tree that did the same thing for me. Another survivor. I have never had mine bloom but am hoping to take it back to AZ and keep it outside so it gets the message. lol


deepazartz said...

Kudos to the survivor!

Love the thrid pic. Its so cute:)


studio lolo said...

I love how all you have to do to grow cactus or succulents is to break a piece off and stick it in well drained soil. They grow so easily!
Happy Cactus Monday!

marianne said...

Great message......
What a survivors.

Margaret Ann said...

Beautiful Mother nature...a good lesson for all of us! HCM! :)

Julie said...

These are survivors! Tough, yet tender. Love your big ol' jade plant! Nice to see a lovely selection of succulent plants!
Happy Cactus Monday!!!

Diane C. said...

Your cactus is looking great, it certainly is resilient. Jade plants, with their plump green leaves, have always been one of my favorite plants.

CiNdEe said...

Great cactus/succulent(-: It is so nice when something happens and they just pop right back!!!! And if you forget to water them they will survive too(-: Such wonderful plants(-: