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Friday, April 16, 2010

More Spring Blossoms

My four-year-old wisteria decided it was going to bloom - FINALLY! There aren't a ton of blossoms but there are several and I sure think they're pretty! My reward for watching and waiting for four years!

I have a crabapple that produced the most heavenly smell and absolutely beautiful blooms this Spring. It has lost them now and is all covered with green leaves.
It was a good couple of weeks though of gorgeous pink!

The pears in this part of the country have been really gorgeous - covered with white blossoms - their smell, however, is not so grand.

I love the Spring bulbs when they come up but in the Fall, I just have a hard time making myself go out and plant bulbs. Last Fall I did get some gumption and planted some new bulbs for me. Here are my huge hyacinths I planted. They have been so pretty!

I am a fan of the yellow one - I think it's a "she" - so dainty looking and so pretty!
Stop by Tootsie's to check on her greenhouse and to see what others have blooming! It's Fertilizer Friday!


Paula said...

What amazing colors and flowers - thanks for sharing these with all of us! Paula from Idaho

Princess Time Toys said...

Gorgeous! I love wisteria!

Tootsie said...

well...I think that the wisteria was worth the wait...and...a few blooms are better than none!