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Friday, April 23, 2010

Rainy Spring Day

The salvia is starting to bloom - this one is a perennial and it will put out blooms all summer. I just deadhead as the blooms become spent. Nice, easy plant to have.
I love the dainty little bells on the Lily of the Valley. They are short-lived blooms but do well in shaded areas and spread well to make a pretty ground-cover.

I think the spirea is so pretty in the Spring and I like the way the branches seem to drape.

Here is more of my effort at planting bulbs last Fall. This allium is blooming and more are on their way.

I got the Solomon's Seal from a friend and have several little pockets of it. It's a great plant for the shade and a perennial. It too will spread.

The dainty little teardrop blossoms on it are likeable as well. The blossoms will disappear and the foliage will be a good feathery look all summer - resembles a big fern.
It's once again Fertilizer Friday over at Tootsie's so see how her greenhouse has exploded with plant material and see what everyone else is growing as well.


Bonnie said...

I think I need to plant Solomon's Seal. It is hardy for my area and I know the perfect spot for it. Thanks for sharing!

noel said...


its raining today so seeing all the garden blooms are a nice thing to do with a hot cup of coffee.

spring is popping up everywhere in your garden today, i love the allium display, thanks for sharing this today

Paula said...

WOW! your flowers are beaitufl - so great to see them in bloom, Your gardens are lovely! Paula in IDaho

Angel said...

I just love your lily of the valley! I have some that jumped from the next door neighbors yard and across to the opposite side of my back yard where it has made itself happily at home! All your pictures look wonderful! Have a great weekend1

Manuela@TPOH said...

Spirea is a beautiful plant! My neighbor has a huge one in her side yard. Your blooms are just beautiful! I wish I could grow Lily of the Valley - such a pretty plant!


Tootsie said...

your spring is looking just so pretty and crisp! we are expecting a foot of snow this afternoon...spring is bringing a winter storm!!! least the white in your garden is blooms! haha
thanks for linking in this week. I am sorry it took so long to get over here and see...I just can't seem to get to the end of the busy around here these days! I do hope you will link in again...I have enjoyed my visit!