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Friday, August 1, 2008

Beach Day and Family Pic

Here we are - the whole family minus one - our son, Brett, is in Germany right now so he wasn't available to make our picture. There's disagreement among us as to the "coolness" of our family shirts. I happen to think they look pretty cool - in fact, one guy stopped when he saw us and yelled out, "Hey, Dude, you're stylin'. That's awesome!" (He looked like he was right out of the 60's too.)
We all ate breakfast at the same spot we ate 30 some years ago in honor of our "Heidi". The food was just as good this time.

It was a wonderful day to sit on the beach and enjoy the sound of the water and the cool breeze and even take a snooze if you felt like it!

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Chris said...

Hi Pammiejo! Great to meet you.

Thanks for stopping by. I've had fun reading your blog and getting to know you better. I'll be checking back often.

Fabulous Friday to you, Chris