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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Autumn Begins

Piracantha berries are brilliant. The birds will have a feast all through the winter on these. I read that they are intoxicating to birds - I do know there's a lot of "rabble" going on from the birds as they partake!

Burning Bush has started to burn that brilliant hot pink color. The Virginia Creeper even has some pretty purple tones in it. Of course the mums are really brilliant and just starting to open in the garden. Yellow shows up the best but the burgundies are definitely going to be there tooAsters show off their petite purple blooms too.

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Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi PammieJo, I wish there was a happy medium with having the deer around and watching them especially the fawns by getting them to only eat what is in the woods and fields and not my yard. I have given up having a vegetable garden. They even jumped the fence on that one. They get braver and braver every year. How wonderful that you are a master gardner! Loved seeing all the berries on the pyracantha. My nandinas were loaded with berries but something (deer or birds) has eaten most all of them too so I won't have any to decorate with at Christmas.