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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Brett's Remodel

Our son, Brett, owns an early 1900s brick bungalow house in Leavenworth, KS; and has been remodeling it since he first bought it. These pictures show the last project which was to tear down most of the screened-in side porch and replace it with new framework, screen, stair decking, and screendoor. He did a great job! It's always more of a job than it originally looks like when you first start tearing into it and this was no exception. His dad helped him. My pictures show the "after" pictures first and the "before" pictures after - wasn't thinking as I was posting.

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Grandma Faith said...

Looks like your son has been working mighty hard. Yes, we did take the train from Fairbanks to Anchorage, then the bus to Seward, then we cruised the inside passage. It was a wonderful trip. Alaska is a beautiful place in the summer. Take care.