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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Last night we had Ladies With Books book club here at my house. My choice was My Antonia by Willa Cather. I think the majority of us liked the book. Cather is great with descriptions and character development. The one objection I did hear was that plot was somewhat lacking. It wasn't an exciting book but it was a book demonstrating the ability of one who knows how to how to use the English language. I liked the book. So, if you're one who enjoys history and the learning about the lives of those who settled these prairie states, choose this one to read. We always try to serve a refreshment that reflects our chosen book. The one desert mentioned in the book was chocolate cake so we had the chocolate sheet cake that's made with buttermilk and cinnamon with a great frosting! However, my favorite refreshment I served was "Czechs' (Chex) mix". The character of Antonia was Bohemian (possibly from Czechoslovakia). I did have to mention it before anyone "caught on". I thought it was rather clever myself!

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Bo said...

Hey Pammiejo...I think that is so clever & perhaps a smidge difficult to serve refreshments based on the book...keeps you gals on your toes, huh! ;-) Bo