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Friday, December 12, 2008

Children and Music

My grandaughter Kaitlin had her first orchestra concert last night. She began violin in September. It's amazing to see how much children learn in a relatively short period of time. The fifth grade orchestra of the district did a great job last night. Kaitlin's mom is a music educator and started in music when she was a kindergartener with piano lessons. She started in band when she was in fifth grade too. She's learned to play numerous instruments. Music is a huge part of her life and always has been. I feel like music is a good discipline for kids. I believe statistics show that children involved in music are less likely to be involved in disciplinary procedures, and drugs; and are higher achievers academically due to their involvement in music. My involvement in music starting in elementary school did provide a life-long hobby and enjoyment throughout my life. So, I say "Yea for music in schools!"


Tootsie said...

I play several insturments! I used to want to be a band/music teacher! they have slowly taken the music programs almost completley out of the schools..what they do have are the recorders.
Music is a major part of our lives..and that does sadden me...I suppose I can teach my kids myself...I do own some insturments!
congrats on your girl...she is very pretty!

Bo said...

Hi Pammiejo...Kaitlin is her hair! I agree with you about music being a good discipline for grandson (7th grader) is in band for his 2nd year...plays the sax and for Christmas we bought him an electronic keyboard. We gave it to him Thanksgiving and by the time the wk-end was over he was already playing fairly well... ;-) Bo