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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kansas City Union Station

This weekend we took a "family" vacation to Kansas City. Along with shopping we included a trip to Union Station. There are many activities within Union Station to enjoy. Union Station was built in 1914 and due to the loss of railway passenger rail services, the use for a major railway station is not in need. So, this magnificent building has been "recreated". It houses a wonderful science center with many hands-on exhibits for children. The grandkids really enjoyed it. We enjoyed a 3-D movie about dolphins and whales on a big IMAX-type theater.

There was an exhibit of Abraham Lincoln and Russian Tsar Alexander II who have been compared historically. No photos inside so posing as Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln was the best photo op you could have.

The interior of Union Station was beautiful. It has been well preserved.

I could imagine the thousands of passengers emerging through these doors daily.

There are several restaurants inside.

This is a photo of the ceiling complete with the huge chandeliers.

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Bo said...

Hi Pammiejo...what a fun weekend you had...I especially loved the grands getting their pics made in the colonial costumes! ;-) Bo