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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood

Ladies With Books met this week to discuss this month's "read", The Knitting Circle, by Ann Hood. As usual, our refreshments were from the book. Sharron, our hostess, made "cosmos" (cosmopolitans) for us to begin with. We also had a delicious lemon double layer cake with an "out of this world" cream layer in-between. Since the "cosmos" gave us a little 'freedom', we had a lively discussion of the book (well, maybe a really lively discussion). I enjoyed the book. It even made me want to pick up knitting again - tried it many years ago - made mittens even! If you enjoy knitting or if you have experienced grief in your life, you too will appreciate this book.


Bo said...

Hi Pammiejo...well, a knitter I'll never be...but I'd share a Cosmo with you...BTW, I love that sweater you're wearing... ;-) Bo

Rose Haven said...

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at my Lamp Re-Do!! I didn't have a thing to lose, but a dirty, old lampshade and about $2 worth of fabric (yep, on sale)!! I cleaned up the old lampshade, inside and out with soap and water. Then, covered over it. By that time, I knew the $2 of fabric was a I added the trim, which I had hiding in my stash!!!

I don't see that as brave...maybe experimental. This was my 1st re-done lampshade.


Bo said... again...actually I did think that doesn't look much like Pammiejo...but Sharon is still a cutie! ;-) Bo