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Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl With Friends

We went to a Super Bowl party last night and had a great time. We ate really well - chili, potato soup, and snacks galore. Our friends Ruby and Steve hosted. This is a yearly get together and there is always a pot (as in small time "betting"). We all put in a dollar and pick a number for total points at half-time and total points for the game. I won the pot for total points for the game - a whopping $7.50. I get accused of "always winning". I don't, of course - but I have won more than once! I always say it's due to my vast knowledge of football and really analyzing what could happen during the game - NOT! I actually could have cared less who won or by how much. I did watch the game with only minimal talking going on amongst we women (the men there would have some comment on that). Men always watch in a different place!
Ruby made sure we all had the 3-D glasses to watch the commercials. These are pics of us modeling our glasses!
It was an exciting game and it was fun to watch! A really good time was had by all!

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