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Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Activities

What's Easter without all the egg dying? Yesterday was the day for the grandkids to plan and create their beautiful Easter eggs.

Mom had a couple of dozen ready for them - some hard-boiled and some blown.

This guy doesn't look real happy but he was a dyin' fool - he had lots of ideas for his eggs. He made some pretty wild colors by mixing them.

It was fun to help referee as well as make some suggestions. Even Great-Grandma was on hand to watch and appreciate the fun. Those eggs will be our deviled eggs next Sunday.


cindee said...

What great fun! I always had a good time with the eggs! My kids wanted me to hide the eggs over and over again! We never got to eat them because they were worn out by the time it was over!!(-: Happy Easter!!!!

Bo said...

Hi Pammiejo....wonderful Easter memories being made here...I miss those days! ;-) Bo