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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ol' Rocking Chair for 2nd Time Around

This ol' rocking chair is probably going around for the 3rd or 4th time. This is the first piece of furniture that my husband and I bought. We bought it for $.50 from my dad who paid that same amount at an estate sale. We sanded it; stained it; rebuilt the seat; and uphostered it. Now, in the 40 years that we've had it we've reupholstered it at least 3 times. We've never refinished it though, so we must have done a good job the first time.

This chair rocked my two babies and it's the perfect baby-rockin' chair. The arms allow you to rest your arm in the right place for laying a baby back to give a bottle. It's solid so it never has squeeked - silent, for a baby to go to sleep. It tilts the adult back in just the right position so that a baby can be on your shoulder and not have their head bashed into the back of the chair. Owning a good rocker with a baby is a must. Will I ever get rid of it - heck, no! It holds too many memories and it still doesn't squeek!!

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xinex said...

Wow! That's one sturdy chair, well built for sure!...Christine

Jeanne said...

Awww Pammiejo, the rocker is a treasure. Babies must have been so happy rocking in that treasure. Mommies too. A keeper for sure.


ellen b. said...

Oh my what a fabulous rocker for 50 cents!! The wood looks so rich in that stain.

Barb said...

What a great treasure that is.

Barbara Jean


50 cents...get out of here....LOL....what a treasure...the stories it could tell!

Kim @ Manning Family Tree said...

I love old rocking chairs & I really love yours. I have one that my mom gave to me a couple of years ago that was my grandmother's or maybe even her mother or grandmother's. All I know it is pretty old & I love it. I may have to post about sometime. Thanks for sharing about yours.

Linda C said...

Oh-wow--This is just like our very first rocking chair! Wish I still had that now...

Yours looks great!! Thanks for sharing this today!:)

Happy 2ndTAT!

Linda C

Anonymous said...

What a find! They just don't build furniture like that anymore!