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Friday, March 20, 2009

Tea Time

This past Tuesday our church circle was treated to a "Serendipi-Tea" presented by this lady, Marlene Lorenz. She gave us lots of information on the history of tea as well as tea etiquette. We learned a lot. If you've never had a tea with your friends, you should. It is a lot of fun, particularly if you can "let yourself go" and get into the spirit of it by dressing the part and investing the time to have all of the "niceties" of the tea (scones, sandwiches, cookies, clotted creme, etc.)
As you can see, some enjoyed the "dressing the part". We saw some lovely outfits!

I have a "costume closet" at home and have different outfits, hats, and accessories - doesn't everyone? I have a couple of friends who have such a closet too. Enjoy life - let yourself go!

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