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Friday, March 6, 2009

Wichita Garden Show

This week through the weekend is the Wichita, Ks. Garden Show. This garden show is one of the top ten in the nation. People come to this garden show from all surrounding states as well as from all over Kansas. This year there were 4 "center" gardens. These gardens are huge with thousands of dollars spent by local nurseries to present prize-winning gardens.
This garden I'm featuring today is by Scenic Landscapes of Wichita. Scenic has won "Best of Show" year after year. The owner is so creative. You think that surely he has exhausted his "best" but the next year he returns with a garden that is so creative. This year his theme was "upside down trees". They were just that - trees placed in upside-down. It was simply gorgeous with plantings in those bowls made by the roots at the top of each tree.

Scenic always has a water feature running through it. They are always "natural" looking like you would find them in the woods.
This opening in a stone wall looked into a small grotto with a small table and chairs. It was completed by a small chandelier and a lamp. Such a neat feature! The picture at the top of my post shows my favorite feature in this garden - it is made from old doors opening to a screened-in pigeon home. The structure was made from cedar logs. The doors could open and close. SO CUTE!
I enjoy attending and working as a Master Gardener for the local county Extension Service. I helped with children tours and seminars. I attended several seminars: Rain Gardens/Rain Barrells, 2009 Plants of the Year, Tropical Plants for Kansas. I really enjoy this week of the Garden Show!


Tootsie said...

oh I wish I could have been there! outstanding! thanks for the photos and for sharing!

cindee said...

That looks like a great garden show. I would love to take a tour there(-:

Terri and Bob said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Wanted to let you know that I had to take my blog to a private status. Wish you well!

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